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CommunityA Taste of Greece in the heart of Philadelphia

A Taste of Greece in the heart of Philadelphia

Hellenic News
Hellenic News
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A Taste of Greece in the Heart of Philadelphia

Offering choices, savings and networking opportunities to visitors.



     A variety of Vendors will participate in the 27th Hermes Expo April 25, 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., at the Arts Ballroom (Locust and Broad streets) in Philadelphia, PA.  For Vendor registration, visit

    Here is what some of our vendors and participants are saying about the Expo this year:


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     “We are looking forward to participation at the Hermes Expo for the first time. We have been installing and supporting POS systems in the New York market for 13 years and have had great success connecting with the Greek community there. It is our goal to bring the same great products and service to the Philadelphia market from our new Woodbury office.”   –-George Skoulidakis, Restaurant Technology Services


   “I will be hosting a Book Signing for my recently published book, “50 Years Working in Criminal Justice”.  I plan on informing attendees the significance of public and social services as an alternative career. This is especially meaningful for me as I grew up and worked in a family-owned diner and restaurant which was instrumental in preparing me for a career in public service.  Similarities of working with a diverse population and gaining insight into human behavior relations were helpful traits acquired through this experience.” —Dr. John Paitakes, author and honoree.


   “The Expo’s importance to the community is clearly evident on the occasion of its 27th anniversary, bringing the Greek Diaspora together.  Since its inception, the Expo has been instrumental in connecting business contacts within the Greek American community. Additionally, over the years, the seminars and programs that encompass many topics have added greatly to the success of the Expo.”

AHI will have a table promoting Greek Heritage Night at the Phillies.  

–Nick Larigakis, president, American Hellenic Institute, Inc.


      “The Hermes Expo is the perfect opportunity for a Greek-owned company to present its value to the community in exchange for a long lasting relationship, the perfect chance to make long-lasting and effective relationships within our successful Greek-American diaspora.”  Christos G. Marafatsos, President, Blue Sky Capital


    “The 2018 Hermes Expo event provides Emirates with the opportunity to meet with a very important demographic. The event is crucial for Emirates to ensure that corporate, leisure and SME markets are aware of the airline’s product, services and global network.” Joel Goldowsky, Regional Sales Director, Eastern USA. Emirates is the only airline that provides customers with a year-round non-stop daily service between Newark and Athens. It will introduce a new non-stop service between Newark and Dubai from June 1, 2018. The airline serves 159 destinations in 85 countries across six continents.  


 “The annual event demonstrates what Hellenism has brought to the business world and to the community. I see this as kind of a way for like-minded people to gather, to organize, to support each other in the great country where we live.” —Greg Nerantzis, senior vice president, Merrill Lynch. Mr. Nertantzis is eager to talk with business owners who would like to work with a financial advisor and continue to grow their business.


     “It’s about exposure, meeting people and being able to have a conversation with people.  If they like my type of business, my type of equipment, we can help them make money.” —Rob Romarino, Sentry Equipment.  The Romarino family, owners of Sentry Equipment, will be demonstrating the latest frozen dessert equipment from Electro Freeze, including a milkshake machine, to restaurateurs and distributors at the Expo.


    Salvatore Ritorto has been attending the Expo for several years, offering business owners solutions on how to save on energy costs. The Expo lets him keep in touch with current customers and reach out to new potential customers. “From a business perspective we saw an immediate return on our investment from participating with the Expo.”  —Salvatore Ritorto, business development manager for WGL Energy.


   “A lot of people know each other. People who don’t know where to buy, they find out where they can buy and they find out about products they don’t know.”   —Salesman for Sirob Imports. The company has been a repeat exhibitor at the Expo, reaching restaurant distributors and owners with its  

samples of Mediterranean delicacies from Greece, Spain, Italy and elsewhere.     


    “I hope to be able to network with more and more of the Greek American business people and hopefully build some relationships. “ —Jeff Yeager, general manager.  He is a repeat exhibitor at the Expo of S&D Coffee and Tea.


    “I think the Expo’s a great thing. It brings a lot of good companies together and a lot of good people for great opportunities and that’s the great part of what the Expo does. It allows us to help each other to grow our companies.”    –Nick Fytros, national sales director, Merchant Lynx Services. His company offers credit card processing services to businesses.

    “I want to participate in the Expo for all the professional connections and to introduce my wines to all the participants of the Expo.  I’m looking for long-term networking connections.”  –Andreas Kelemidis, founder, owner and president of Oinos Wine, Inc.  Oinos represents 22 wineries and 72 different items from Greece, though at the upcoming Expo he will only be promoting his company and two Greek wineries. Though he has attended in the past as a visitor, this will be his first time representing his company. He says of the Expo, “It will not be unfamiliar. It’s good to expose myself, my company and my products to already established connections and to introduce my new lines.”


       Val Kogan of the Mid-Atlantic Eurasia Business Council said they have been a part of the Expo for many years as a way to meet with Greek companies and bring its multi-country delegation to the event. “We are delighted to be a part of it. We feel we are lucky to have a partnership for many years.” The Council’s mission is to enable companies in the U.S. Mid-Atlantic region to enhance their positions in Eurasia/Russia and to attract Eurasian/Russian businesses to the U.S. Mid-Atlantic region. At this year’s Expo, the Council will be offering special panel discussions with a multi-Eurasian country delegation discussing new developments in the Eurasian region, including work in information technology, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medicine, chemistry and education.


 Through the years, we are continuously cultivating the Hermes Expo to meet the needs and challenges of our businesses and professionals by developing a full day program approved by our business development committee, SAVING a lot to our Members and Visitors, Connecting and Engaging them, honoring them for their success and offering choices, said Paul Kotrotsios the Founder & President of the Hermes Expo International. “We are proud to come to the Center of Philadelphia because we were instrumental in bringing together the two Cities, Philadelphia and Thessaloniki, Greece, and they signed a business and cultural agreement,” he said. “We want to continue and expand that relationship,” he continued. “We extend an invitation to all those interested to come visit, sample, taste and do business.”  Please visit to find out more.



The copyrights for these articles are owned by the Hellenic News of America. They may not be redistributed without the permission of the owner. The opinions expressed by our authors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Hellenic News of America and its representatives.

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